Heritage Documentation is a "responsive project" that has as principle aim the promotion and development of techniques of recording, documentation and information for cultural heritage.

Another aim is contribute to conservation and education of cultural heritage at the national and international levels, like the well-known organizations International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) and International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote (ISPRS).

The web site of "Heritage Documentation - HD" is also a platform to provide the dissemination of more recent tecnologies which may support the good practices of young students interested in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage.

The project is "responsive" because the concept of cultural heritage is in a constant changing. Because of this, the project should be able to adapt to new challenges to complish his main mission, the Heritage Documentation.

Effective heritage documentation practice relies on the availability of public data sources and assessment tools to convey information to investigators, conservators, among others, and the general public.

Emerging communication technologies on the Internet can provide, with higher level of quality, new analysis and visualization tools for Cultural Heritage Preservation. Open-source software provides the opportunity to build low-cost information systems allowing conservation and documentation departments with modest resources access to modern data analysis and visualization tools. In this project, we integrate open-source technologies and public artefacts to create a web information system which is accessible to a wide audience through the Internet. Some of the web based tools are used in several areas of geomatic documentation, like remote sensing areas, geographic information systems, database plataforms, modelation 3D, spatial analysis, among others.

We hope to contribute to interdisciplinary research in the cultural heritage area.